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Royal Town Locksmiths in Sutton Coldfield are an established, trusted family run business with over 15 years experience. We are committed to providing a quality locksmith service to both domestic and commercial clients in Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas.
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Tel: 0121 682 3628 - Mob: 07790 779 739
Why choose Royal Town Locksmiths?
All of our locksmiths are qualified locksmiths and carpenters and members of the Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL). You can therefore be confident when you call Royal Town Locksmiths, that the locksmith sent to assist you is trained to the highest standard and is going to be able to complete the required work, whether it is a repair or replacement, with the minimum fuss and damage.
Due to our many years experience in the locksmith trade and because we do work to fixed job prices, rather than hourly rates, we can quote most jobs over the phone for you.
Royal Town Locksmiths are a local business, not a call centre. When you phone us, you speak directly to a locksmith, not a call centre.
All of our vans are fully stocked and we carry all of the most up to date locksmith tools and equipment. We aim to deal with and complete most jobs on our first visit.
We offer a fast, friendly, reliable service and all of our work is guarantied.
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Tel: 0121 682 3628 - Mob: 07790 779 739
Locksmith Services

UPVC Door Mechanisms
Unable to lock or unlock your Upvc door? This problem indicates that there may be an issue with the locking mechanism on your door.
This may mean that a new door mechanism will be needed, or it could well just need adjusting. Our locksmiths will have a look at the problem before selling you something you might not need!
It is worth bearing in mind that if the door can be locked when open it may be a case or realigning the UPVC door to enable it to lock when closed, rather than having to replace the mechanism.
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Tel: 0121 682 3628 - Mob: 07790 779 739
UPVC Door Locks
Like any other locks, a Upvc door lock can break or become defective after many years in use. As for standard wooden doors there are many different locking systems available for Upvc doors. Don’t worry about having to locate and replace it yourself, call Royal Town Locksmiths and we’ll get the right replacement lock fitted for you in no time.
Replacement Locks & Security Upgrades
Concerned about the age or condition of the locks on your doors and windows? Maybe you need to upgrade your locks for security and insurance purposes?
Whatever the reason we can replace, upgrade or add additional locks to your property to increase security and give you complete peace of mind. 
Replacement and additional interior and exterior locks we supply include window locks, patio door locks, garage door locks and security door bolts. All old locks will be replaced with high standard security replacement locks.
Lock Fitting
Whether your lock is broken, you have just moved house or want your locks replaced for any other reason please give us a call.
Royal Town Locksmiths are happy to supply and fit all designs and makes of lock and will also suggest which ones would be best suited to the job required.
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Tel: 0121 682 3628 - Mob: 07790 779 739
Emergency Door Entry
Royal Town Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in your area just call 07790 779 739
And don’t forget, for all our locksmith services, the price we quote over the phone will be the price you pay when the work is complete

Locksmith Rates:
Unlike many other locksmith companies, Royal Town Locksmiths DO NOT CHARGE HOURLY RATES. We charge a price per job and can usually quote for that job on the phone before arrival.

Our Guarantee
Under no circumstances will we pass any of our calls to sub contractors to carry out the works required, the locksmith you speak to when calling Royal Town Locksmiths is the one that will attend your property.
We also offer a guarantee that if any of our locksmiths drill or damage a lock that was not faulty or broken we will replace it FREE OF CHARGE.
Emergency Locksmith Service – 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
Royal Town Locksmiths provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency locksmith service.
Areas Covered
Sutton Coldfield
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Tel: 0121 682 3628 - Mob: 07790 779 739